My Sinfonietta was composed in 2003 (with several smaller changes until 2007). At this time I used the great Garritan Personal Orchestra – which is a cute little orchestral package with a great price and low system requirements. Well, I needed low system requirements and low prices, anyway. In 2003, Garritan made a composer’s challenge: up to 7 minutes, only Garritan Personal Orchestra (GPO), the winner will be played live with a real orchestra. The winner was someone really talented, but at leastI’ve got some „honorable mentioning“ on Garritan’s website – thanks for this, was much fun and pleasure to contribute this little work!

After this, I’ve changed minor things in instrumentation and changed to my new (and much bigger) orchestra library (which is the NI Kontakt version of East West Symphonic Orchestra Gold, in case you want to know), the music itself remained the same. The piece has quite a light mood, is built upon a ternary rhythm (maybe something like a fast waltz…?) and it’s building blocks are just a few musical elements: these elements are repeated and transformed throughout the piece, and I still have happy feelings when I hear it, especially at the opening bars when the woodwinds „chatter“.

So here’s the link to Sinfonietta:

Have fun and enjoy,