Improvisation III – Drums Fun With PLL

So here’s another improvisation with the Doepfer A-100 (take care, this is quite „hardcore“…):

This is quite a long piece (ca. 24 min), so take some time to enjoy weird things happening…

We start with a bassdrum (coloured noise put through the A-106-5 SEM VCF), followed by some rhythmic sound (808 source into A-101-1 Vactrol VCF and then through the VC panner – controlled by a fast LFO). Both rhythm „instruments“ were triggered by the trigger out of an A-119 external input, fed by the VCO output of an A-196 PLL (filtered through an A-106-6 Xpander VCF) fed by an A-111 VCO (pulse out). The A-111’s pulse is modulated by a sine LFO. That’s the rhythm.

Them we have the PLL VCO output as a sound source itself: we send it through an A-108 ladder VCF and then into an A-188-2 bucket brigade device. Envelopes are A-140 and triggers are modified by A-160 clock divider and A-165 trigger modifier.

Track length is 24:34.

Have fun,