Doepfer A-124 Wasp Filter example

The A-124 Wasp filter quite interesting. It once was a budget filter design (in this respect – not technically – comparable to the Korg MS 20 filter maybe?) which led to some strange distortions and other stuff. Technical details can be found at Doepfer’s homepage:

As usual, we go into the filter with three A-110 VCOs (sawtooth waveforms, one VCO is tuned down 1 oct). Input level is cranked up to maximum. The VCOs are controlled by an A-155 sequencer, the filter is modulated by an ADSR envelope and a slow sine wave LFO. We start with no resonance. Since not everything is CV-controllable at the A-124, I manually blend from lowpass to highpass. Then (via A-134-1 Pan) from LP/HP output to bandpass output of the A-124. Now I start to increase filter resonance up to maximum value. Back to LP/HP output, here I blend from HP to LP again and finally reduce the resonance to zero – that’s where we started. Here we go: