Doepfer A-188-2 Tapped BBD example

The A-188-2 is a Bucket Brigade Device with several taps and extremly versatile sound possibilities. It can be used not only for flanging and delay effects, but also for Karplus Strong synthesis as an oscillator.

Here’s a short sound demo:

Patch used: An A-155 Sequencer triggers an A-142 VC Decay envelope which controls an A-132-3 VCA (short decay time). VCA input is some noise from an A-117. VCA out goes into an A-188-2 BBD. The BBD frequency is controlled by the A-155 and an A-185-2 (to switch octaves – something like octaves: 1 oct down every 30 seconds).
In the feedback loop (the 396 stages tap is used here), an A-108 is inserted with bandpass out, no emphasis and manually changed filter frequency. BBD output is sent into another A-108 (filter frequency is controlled by BBD frequency VC out), the 48dB out is then sent into DAW.

Technical details on this module can be found on Doepfer’s homepage: