Doepfer A-118 Noise / Random Voltage example

The A-118 is an analog noise generator which can produce continuous random voltages as well. Easy to use and quite versatile.

Details can be found on Doepfer’s homepage:

We start with some pure “white” noise, until ca. 0:22. Then I blend over to the “colored” noise (I’ve put white and colored outputs into an A-134-1 VC Panner, which can do crossfading as well). “Blue” and “Red” knobs are both set to zero. After ca. 0:35, I start increasing the “Blue” noise (high frequencies) until maximum. Starting around 0:53, I’m, adding “Red” noise as well, also until max is reached. After 1:10, the “Blue” noise is diminished, after 1:25, the “Red” one as well.

Starting at 1:43, we have some white noise put through an A-108 VCF (bandpass output used), to show some of the random voltage capabilities. At first, modulation intensity (on the A-108) is increased, after 2:05, I start turning up the “Red” knob – which influences the behaviour of the random voltages. After this, some variations with increased resonance on the A-108.

Here we go:

Have fun,