Doepfer A-111-5 Synthesizer Voice

The A-111-5 is a „Dark Energy“ in Eurorack format (without Midi and wooden side panels). This is a nice and versatile module: quick sound changes are possible without patch cords, overall sound is very good and the filter will follow 1 V / octave extremely well, thus being something like a „second VCO“ when self oscillating.

Technical details can be found on Doepfer’s homepage:

I’m using an A-155 Sequencer together with an A-156 Quanzizer to tonally control both VCO as well as VCF of the A-111-5. So we have some kind of „twovoice synthesizer“ in that little box. I start with the pure filter sound (self-oscillating), then I add the VCO (pulse wave) and later some LFO modulations of VCO / VCF). Finally, filter resonance is reduced until we only hear the VCO. No additional processing was necessary. Here we go:

Have fun,