Improvisation I – A Drone Experiment

This is a first experiment with an anlogue machine (Doepfer A-100). Everything here is improvised, no overdubs, just some slight reverb and delay from Ableton Live and some mastering with Steinberg Cubase. Some basic preparations had been done to create the patch, the rest has been patched on the fly:

There’s no such thing as a defined melody or rhythm here ;-)

Ok, now here’s the nerdy info on this track (as always): It starts with coloured noise (from an A-118), put through an A-127 Triple Resonance Filter (which reminds me of the PS 3100 resonance filter). After this, there’s an A-111 VCO put through the A-137-1 Wave Multiplier. Quite a nice evolving drone sound. Then we have a bass by an A-110 VCO (I really LOVE the raw sound of the 110!!) put through an A-108 Ladder filter (low resonance, quite a beefy sound). This is modulated by the Complex Envelope A-143-1. Then come some notes played on keyboard. This are again two A-110s put through the smooth A-106-5 SEM filter. Finally, we have an A-117 Digital Noise put through an A-106-6 Expander Filter (24 dB LP) being modulated by an A-140 ADSR (triggered by the first EG of the A-143-1 Cmplex Envelope). That’s it. Patched „on the fly“  and recorded with a Steinberg MR interface in Live.

I would like to thank Mr. Dieter Doepfer ( for being such a cool engineer and entrepreneur! What a wonderful instrument! And of course the guys at hieber lindberg ( for their advice and many discussions about modular analog synthesizers (and the possibility to listen to all these nice machines in their shop, of course).

Track length is 16:13.

Have fun,