Doepfer A-106-6 16-fold VC XPander Filter example

Here’s a little sond example of the A-106-6. Since this very versatile filter has 16 different modes (with 8 separate outputs), we can feed it into the inputs of an A-155 sequencer and use the sequencer to switch between the modes. Input are three A-110 VCOs (sawtooth, one VCO is 1 oct below), filter cutoff frequency is modulated by (a) a slow LFO and (b) a fast A-140 envelope. Finally, the Resonance („Q“ called here) is modulated by another A-155. The two sequencers are synced, but have different number of steps / trigger divisors in use.

We start with the right filter group (3A/1L, 2N/1L, 4B, 3H/1L, 2H/1L, 2B, 4L, 2L) and after 1’00“ the left filter group (3A, 2N, 2H/1L, 3H, 2H, 1H, 3L, 1L) is used. Technical details about the filter may be found at Doepfer’s homepage:

Here we go:

Another example with similar setup (this time we modulate resonance via Sample & Hold), but now with distorted input: 1 min. normal input right filter group, 1 min normal input left filter group, 1 min distorted input right filter group, 1 min distorted input left filter group: