Improvisation VIII – Wheel Of Fortune

This is a simple tune with a complicated setup.

Basically, there are four „voices“:

The piece is starting with a high percussive tone. A single A-110 VCO put into an A-137-2 Wave Multiplier II and then into an A-106-5 SEM Filter. The sequence is controlled by an A-155. The sequencer’s clock is slightly random-based: An A-118 Random is divided by an A-160 Clock Divider, the result modified in length by an A-162 Trigger Delay and then amplified (i.e. gated) by the modified clock output (rising and falling edge from an A-165 Trigger Modifier) of an A-154 Sequencer Controller (which directly drives the second A-155 which controlls the bass voice). The SEM output is amplified by an A-132-3 and then put into an A-134-1 Pan (LFO controlled). The A-137-2 is modulated by an A-143-8 Quadrature LFO.

Then we have said bass voice: Two A-110 and an A-117 are mixed and put into an A-105 SSM 24dB Lowpass Filter. Amplification by an A-131 (which is a bit more „retro“ than the A-132-3). This voice is controlled by the second A-155 Sequencer.

Third voice is an atonal growling something. Two A-110 VCOs are put into an A-115 Divider, resp. an A-163 VC Divider (LFO modulated), everything is mixed and put into an A-127 VC Resonance Filter and then (after amplification via A-132-3) into an A-188-2 Tapped BBD. Everything is controlled by an A-198 Ribbon Controller. Since the internal highspeed oscillator of the BBD produces audible sounds when tuned down, the two outputs of the A-188-2 are filtered by two A-108 48dB Ladder Filters. Frequency of filters and BBD is controlled by pressure output of the ribbon.

Voice Nr. four is a drone-like sound. A single A-110 is put into (a) an A-137-1 Wave Multiplier I, (b) an A-126 VC Frequency Shifter, (c) an A-196 PLL. Everything is mixed and routed via A-138m 4×4 Matrix Mixer. Then we go into an A-124 Wasp Filter and an A-131 VCA. The A-137-1 is modulated by two LFOs (from an A-143-3 Quad LFO), the A-126 is modulated by an A-146 Variable Waveform LFO.

As usual, everything was recorded without overdubs, pure A-100, just some additional FX from Ableton Live and mastering in Cubase.

Here we go:

Track length is 15:05.

Have fun,