Improvisation XIII – Retro Noodle

Quite a retro one. I’ve used the A-100, an Arturia Jupiter 8V, and a GForce M-Tron.

We start with some cheesy M-Tron strings together with Jupiter-8V string synth.

At 1:00, there is a very deep A-100 bass: An A-111 saw put through an A-137-2 Wave Multiplier II (modulated by an A-143-9 Quadrature LFO) and then into an A-108 Ladder VCF (24 dB). A second A-111 (1 oct down) with PWMed pulse is put into a second A-108 (6 dB, high resonance). Both finally go into an A-131 VCA, modulated by an A-140 ADSR (which modulates both VCFs as well).

Then (1:13) the main sequence starts. It consists of three A-110 (pulse and triangle waves) put through an A-106-5 SEM Filter. The sequence is driven by an A-155/A-154/A-156 combination. The SEM lowpass output goes into an A-127 Triple VC Resonance Filter, into an A-143-1 Panner and finally in two VCAs of an A-132-3. VCAs and filter are controlled by another A-140, the A-147 LFO which controlls the panner is synced (via reset) with the A-155. The Sequencer itself is synced to Ableton Live.

Around 2:55, the „hihat“ sound starts: this is an A-117 Digital Noise put through an A-124 Wasp Filter and an A-132-3 VCA. VCA and Filter were also controlled by an A-140 ADSR, driven by a second A-155 (also synced to Ableton Live, but with a different frequency divider).

At ca. 4:00, the second sequence starts. This is not driven by another A-155, but by the Ableton Live arpeggiator (and controlled during the performance by keyboard). It is built with another three A-110: one (triangle) is sent through a modulated A-137-1 Wave Multiplier I and then mixed the other two (square waves) VCOs. Then we go into an A-105 SSM VCF and an A-131 VCA (both controlled by an A-140).

Finally, at 4:08 the „bassdrum“ is added: a colored noise (A-118) sent through a self oscilating A-106-6 XP VCF (2 pole LP output used) and an A-132-3 VCA. VCF and VCA are controlled by an A-143 Decay, controlled by the second A-155.

Keyboard action: the keyboard is split into two zones. The lower one controls the Jupiter-8V and (lowest note) the A-100 bass above. The upper part controls the M-Tron strings and the arpeggiator for the second sequence. Everything is played during performance, no overdubs (just some effects & mastering).

Here we go:

Track length is 13:20,

Have fun,