Happy new year

A happy new year 2011 to all of you! And thank you very much for your kind support and interest in all those weird things I do!

Web statistics tells me there have been more than 109 thousand visitors to my pages (this is a huge step compared to 39.000 visitors in 2009 or 27.000 visitors in 2008). Whoever your are: thanks a lot and I hope you liked what you found here!

Most popular piece of music was Arkana (e.g. part 17, part 02 with more than 3.000 downloads each) and my orchestral symphony (especially movements no. 2 & no. 4 with far more than 2.000 downloads each). Doepfer A-100 Sound examples seem to be quite popular too: fine to see that this this is useful for you (and it’s lot of fun using these modules). Ah, and I’m quite happy to see there are hundreds of downloads for my analog modular improvisations each month as well.

I wish you all the best for the next year – may all your dreams come true! (same procedure as EVERY year)