Improvisation XXVIII – Animal

If you thought the last improvisation was not weird enough … try this one. Lots of noise, drone-alike things, distortion, lack of structure, everything seems to be “organic”. Like all other improvisations, this was recorded “in one go” without any overdubs.

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This piece of music will take 28:38 of your patience.

We start with two sequence lines (panned left and right), driven random notes quantized to G major chord notes. We soon hear a drone sound (somewhere at center position with some added stereo rotation) with some sweeps through distorted delay feedback loops.

Around 7:30, the sequence lines are faded out, leaving some space for a “drone solo” in heavy feedback and finally some juicy filter modulation.

Then (beginning at 12:10) we hear something that could be another two sequencer voices. Actually, these are ultra low frequency singnals of Oscillators triggering two delay circuits. As octaves are increased (around 13:30), the sharp signals are transformed into another two drone voices (panned left and right). Changing delay times reveal some complex beauties here. I like the part between 16:20 and 17:00 very much.

At 17:10, I’m starting some doodeling improvisation with an Arturia CS-80V (everything else you hear is a Doepfer A-100).

Around 19:50, the two (pseudo-)sequence voices from the very beginning reappear. Some more CS-80V melody. The sequence voices are modulated, become sharper and more distinct. More modulation and sound changes, later on also including the background drone.

At 26:25, sequence voices are stopped, everything else will fade out slowly (with a final “eruption” between 27:30 and 28:00).

Technical details:

Left sequence voice: A-111-1 (sawtooth) VCO through an A-137-1 VC Wave Multiplier I, an A-102 Diode Ladder filter, an A-101-3 Phaser and an a-126 Frequency Shifter. “Down” and “Up” outputs into two A-132-3 VCAs.

Right Sequence voice: A-111-1 (pw modulated pulse) therough an A-127 VC Resonance filter, an A-105 SSM filter, an A-188-2 Tapped BBD and an A-132-3 VCA.

The two “sequence” voices are controlled via A-149-1 Random Generator sent through two A-156 Quantizers. Triggers for ADSR, random generator and quantizers are generated with an A-154 Sequencer Controller, two A-155 Sequencers (manual changing of trigger switches) and an A-113 Subharmonic Generator (“mis”used here again as programmable clock divider).

Center drone: A-111-5 Mini Synthesizer Voice through an A-137-2 VC Wave Multiplier II, mixed with white noise from an A-118 and the original A-111-5 signal (A-138 Mixer) and then put into an A-106-5 SEM filter, an A-188-1D BBD and (coupled with the BBD CV) an A-106-6 XP VCF.

Left drone: three A-110 VCOs (sawtooth waves) mixed with digital noise from an A-117 and sent into an A-188-1X BBD and (coupled with the BBD CV) an A-108 VCF.

Right drone: another three A-110 VCOs (pw modulated pulses) mixed with colored noise from an A-118 and sent into an A-188-1A BBD and (coupled with the BBD CV) another A-108 VCF.

Patch detail from “Animal”

Have fun!