Improvisation XXVIII – Animal

If you thought the last improvisation was not weird enough … try this one. Lots of noise, drone-alike things, distortion, lack of structure, everything seems to be „organic“. Like all other improvisations, this was recorded „in one go“ without any overdubs.

This piece of music will take 28:38 of your patience.

We start with two sequence lines (panned left and right), driven random notes quantized to G major chord notes. We soon hear a drone sound (somewhere at center position with some added stereo rotation) with some sweeps through distorted delay feedback loops.

Around 7:30, the sequence lines are faded out, leaving some space for a „drone solo“ in heavy feedback and finally some juicy filter modulation.

Then (beginning at 12:10) we hear something that could be another two sequencer voices. Actually, these are ultra low frequency singnals of Oscillators triggering two delay circuits. As octaves are increased (around 13:30), the sharp signals are transformed into another two drone voices (panned left and right). Changing delay times reveal some complex beauties here. I like the part between 16:20 and 17:00 very much.

At 17:10, I’m starting some doodeling improvisation with an Arturia CS-80V (everything else you hear is a Doepfer A-100).

Around 19:50, the two (pseudo-)sequence voices from the very beginning reappear. Some more CS-80V melody. The sequence voices are modulated, become sharper and more distinct. More modulation and sound changes, later on also including the background drone.

At 26:25, sequence voices are stopped, everything else will fade out slowly (with a final „eruption“ between 27:30 and 28:00).

Technical details:

Left sequence voice: A-111-1 (sawtooth) VCO through an A-137-1 VC Wave Multiplier I, an A-102 Diode Ladder filter, an A-101-3 Phaser and an a-126 Frequency Shifter. „Down“ and „Up“ outputs into two A-132-3 VCAs.

Right Sequence voice: A-111-1 (pw modulated pulse) therough an A-127 VC Resonance filter, an A-105 SSM filter, an A-188-2 Tapped BBD and an A-132-3 VCA.

The two „sequence“ voices are controlled via A-149-1 Random Generator sent through two A-156 Quantizers. Triggers for ADSR, random generator and quantizers are generated with an A-154 Sequencer Controller, two A-155 Sequencers (manual changing of trigger switches) and an A-113 Subharmonic Generator („mis“used here again as programmable clock divider).

Center drone: A-111-5 Mini Synthesizer Voice through an A-137-2 VC Wave Multiplier II, mixed with white noise from an A-118 and the original A-111-5 signal (A-138 Mixer) and then put into an A-106-5 SEM filter, an A-188-1D BBD and (coupled with the BBD CV) an A-106-6 XP VCF.

Left drone: three A-110 VCOs (sawtooth waves) mixed with digital noise from an A-117 and sent into an A-188-1X BBD and (coupled with the BBD CV) an A-108 VCF.

Right drone: another three A-110 VCOs (pw modulated pulses) mixed with colored noise from an A-118 and sent into an A-188-1A BBD and (coupled with the BBD CV) another A-108 VCF.

Patch detail from „Animal“

Have fun!