Improvisation XXVII – Parallel Universe

Another new piece of weird music.

Track length is 14:18. Instruments used: Doepfer A-100, Arturia CS80V, GForce Minimonsta. No Overdubs.

Here we go:

I’m starting with two bass sequences (spread left/right in stereo) and a bassdrum. After ca. 48 seconds, the left bass seems to get out of rhythm, at 1:07 the right one as well. What happened? I’m reducing the length of both sequences while the bass drum keeps on doing its quarter rhythm. Each of the two bass lines is made of three A-110 VCOs (2 x sawtooth and a triangle wave 1 oct below), an A-138 Mixer, an A-108 Ladder Filter (24dB mode). Then we go into BBDs (left bass: A-188-1X, right bass: A-188-1A, both will be used later for some flanging), A-131 VCAs and into the two sections of an A-101-3 Vactrol Phaser. The bassdrum is some noise from an A-117 put into an A-101-2 Lowpass Gate (LP mode) and an A-188-1D BBD. Phaser and all BBDs are modulated by LFOs, and we have some A-140 ADSRs (used for both VCA and VCF).

At 1:25, a fast sequence (mainly repetitions of the same note starts). This is an A-111-5 Minisynth module, sent into an A-188-2 BBD. Later on (around 4:00), there will be some colored noise from an A-118 mixed into the audio input of the A-111-5.

Around 1:55, two high-pitched pad voices appear (panned slightly to left and right): An A-111-1 VCO (sawtooth) sent into an A-137-2 Wave Multiplier (modulated by an A-143-9 QLFO),  an A-102 Diode Filter and an A-132-3 VCA (left voice). An A-111-1 VCO (pulse) sent into an A-127 Triple Resonance Filter, an A-106-6 VCF (4Pole LP mode) and an A-132-3 VCA (right voice).

At 2:10, I start playing some cheesy strings on an Arturia CS80V. Keyboard ist split up, so I can transpose the analog synth sequences with my left hand.

At 2:40, a few notes on a GForce Minimonsta are added (more later), played on a second keyboard (I misused my MS20 Replica controller for this …)

Starting at 4:26, the two bass sequence’s BBDs are slowly driven into self resonance.

Around 5:05 a strange, quite distorted sound is faded in: this is done with four of the VCOs mentioned above (one from each of the left and right bass, left and right pad, only sine wave outs are used), sent into an A-172 Max/Min and both outputs („max“ and „min“) sent into two A-106-1 Xtreme filters (with some LFO modulation). Until 6:10, I’m having fun creating some heavy metal chaos. Then everything is reduced to bassdrum and the fast sequence (now only colored noise, the A-111-5 VCO is switched off), the bass lines slowly reappear.

At 6:50, the A-101-2 LPG modulation intensity is increased, resulting in a bass drum with more presence. The A-111-5 filter cutoff is modulated manually. Some Minimonsta doodeling around 7:20. At 8:55 the CS80V strings reappear.

Around 10:00, everything is reduced to basses and high-pitched sequence (and some filter fun). Bass sequences are in random mode now (i.e. notes were selected by chance, rhythm of the sequences thus is random as well). Sequences are created with two A-155/154/156/150 combinations, together with an A-113 (for master clock divisions), an A-162 Trigger Delay, an A-149-1/2 Random Generator (for the two pad voices) and an A-151 Sequential Switch.

Working on „Parallel Universe“

Have fun,