We live in an age of remakes, so I decided to do a remake of one of my earlier works called „Sinfonietta“ from ca. 2007 (first attempts even dating back to 2003). This was a composition inspired by Minimal Music and originally created for orchestra. A lightweight piece in ternary rhythm.

Of course, no orchestra would play my music. So I used some of the popular orchestral libraries to render my score into something like music. The result was not exactly unlike orchestral music but at least you could listen to it. Here is the „Orchestral Music“ blog entry:

More than a decade later, I decided to give it another go and re-orchestrate it with my Doepfer A-100 modular synthesizer. I did neither intend to create a Tomita-alike modular orchestra simulation nor something as out-of-this-world sounding as my modular improvisation series. My goal was to build a homogeneous soundscape with clearly detectable individual voicings, more merging „Mischklang“ than „Spaltklang“.

Everything was done with the analog modular synthesizer, with some slight digital effects (echo, reverb, chorus) created with the DAW (Ableton Live nowadays).

Here we go:

Have fun,