Closed Connection

Closed Connection was created 1980 – 04/2009.

This is a piece originally written together with “Third Movement” some years ago. Thanks to Oliver and Stefan for their kind permission to publish it here.

Have fun when the orchestra rocks!

Closed Connection

Instruments used:

Native Instruments Kontakt 3 (NI library and East West Orchestra), AAS LoungeLizard Session, EZ drummer, GForce M-Tron, Korg Legacy Wavestation, GForce Minimonsta, Korg Legacy MonoPoly, Arturia CS 80 V, Arturia Moog Modular V, Native Instruments B4 II, Korg Legacy MS-20, 4Front True Pianos, Native Instruments Absynth 4, native Instruments FM8, Virsyn Cube, Steinberg Cubase 4.5.



Arkana was created 07/2004-11/2006.
This work is inspired by Tarot cards. However, there’s no esoteric thing you need to know for enjoying the music. Each card represents something called “archetype” according to C. G. Jung’s psychology – an innate universal prototype for ideas, such as the shadow, the wise old man, etc.

Due to download statistics, the “Revolution” and the “Will” are by far the most popular ones, each around 400 complete downloads each month. However, I still insist you should listen more to “Treasure” and “Surrender” which are the most beautiful pieces here for me.

Single parts:

Instruments used for Arkana:

AAS Tassman, Arturia Moog Modular V, AudioNerdz Delay Lama, East West Quantum Leap Symphonic Orchestra Gold, Emu Proteus X, e-phonic RetroDelay, Garritan Personal Orchestra, Gmedia M-Tron, Kjaerhus Classic Effects, Knufinke SIR 1, Korg Legacy Collection MS 20, OdO Rhythms, Siedlaczek String Essentials, Steinberg Cubase SX, Virsyn Cube, Virsyn MicroTera.